The Coast (or A Cósta)


A Gaelic Poem on the Water

I Belong Here... Or I Could.

The Coast (or A Cósta) is the final piece in our first miniseries, Project Ireland. The piece is a blend of birdsong, waves, and voices from the Louisiana and Irish coasts. Our Mallory Osigian took a listen to the bare nature-scape early in it's stages and wrote a poem describing what she believed she was seeing, were she on this fictitious coast. Then, we forwarded this poem to collaborator Moya Ní Dhúagáin who translated it into Gaelic (Irish) and recorded it for us. This blend of text and language over the sounds of a created coast is our signature Smash/Cut send off for our work with the amazing Irish artists we've had the pleasure of working with. 

Production: Alexander Charles Adams

Words: Mallory Osigian

Translation and Vocals: Moya Ní Dhúagáin


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English Translation of the Piece:

Is the sun rising or setting? Look at it.
The sky is huge,
It’s incredible

It’s so peaceful here
How can a place filled with so much life feel so calm? I’m surrounded by it
But it doesnt feel like it

What kind of bird is that? Is it morning or evening? I don’t care.
This is amazing.

I feel like I should be scared. Where exactly... Am I?
I guess that’s not important Is that the moon?

Or no... not yet.

This is nice.
There is nothing to be missed. There is no one to bother. This is mine,
and that is good.

The waves
the rocks
the leaves
are those leaves? It doesn’t matter. There’s the wind, Incredible.

I hope this lasts. No I don’t.
I feel ok.
That is significant. I feel significant. This place.

I belong here. Or I could.