It's a Commitment


A Dance Dialogue

Today’s piece is brought to us through an interview by Margaret Laurena Kemp, assistant professor of Theatre and Dance at UC Davis. A few years back Margaret interviewed two women who love dance openly and passionately. Not only do they love it, they’ve rallied and fought for it.

In this piece, you hear from Black modern dance scholars Dr. Halifu Osumare and Dr. Brenda Dixon-Gottschild as look back through their lives to find the threads that bind it all together.

Produced/Sound Designed by Alexander Charles Adams

Executive Producer: Margaret Laurena Kemp

Interviewees: Dr. Halifu Osumare & Dr. Brenda Dixon-Gottschild

Consulting Editors: Margaret Laurena Kemp and Laine Farber

Music by Revolution Void, Lloyd Rodgers, Kitchen Romance, Alpha Jaguar, J Hacha de Zola, and Alexander Charles Adams

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