Hi, I'm Mattie (HIM)

Shortlisted for the Hearsay International Audio Festival - Best Audio Fiction Prize 2017

Shortlisted for the Hearsay International Audio Festival - Best Audio Fiction Prize 2017

Content Warning: Profane and Suggestive Language, Depictions of Violence, Sexual Themes, and Cyberbullying

A Verbatim Audiotheatre Piece

I don't know if it's because we're positive that people think they can say whatever they want

Born and raised in Northern Ireland, performer and drag artist Matthew Cavan has lived with HIV for seven years. As one of the first public faces associated with HIV from Northern Ireland in the 21st century, Matthew has experienced harsh harassment from both within and outside the gay community. Most of this harassment has come through the gay social app Grindr. From interviews with Matthew, we pieced together what those Grindr conversations and profiles would have sounded like, recorded them with actors, and played them back for Matthew. The interviews within the piece were conducted after Matthew heard each of the dramatised interactions. Hi, I'm Mattie (or HIM) is the blend of this verbatim and surmised text.

The text of this piece is based on verbatim material graciously given to us by Matthew Cavan

The idea for this piece was conceived during workshops for the Outburst 2016 performance installation GLRY, produced by Theatreofpluck and curated by Alyson Campbell. Special thanks to the Sonic Arts Research Centre at Queen's University Belfast for use of their facilities and equipment, Positive Moving On, and Positive Life, and Mercedes Sharma.

Sound Design and Production: Alexander C. Adams

Recording: Dave Bird

Voice Actors:

  • Mattie - Neil Keery
  • [Up Arrow Emoji] - Noel Andrew Harron
  • Bi Curious - Martin McDowell
  • Bi Discreet/Read My Bio - Miche Doherty
  • Eoin - Jonny Mc Millen-Patterson
  • [Interviewer] - Matthew Cavan
  • Grindr Chorus: Patrick Quinn, Simon Gibson, Callum Payne, Dave Bird, and Ross Anderson-Doherty

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