AFTER ORLANDO: an international theatre action

Photo by William & Sons Photography

Photo by William & Sons Photography

This international theatre action was co-created and produced by Missing Bolts Productions and NoPassport Theatre Alliance & Press.

In the days following the massacre at Pulse Nightclub in Orlando, June 12, 2106 Missing Bolts Productions led by artistic directors Blair Baker and Zac Kline and NoPassport Theatre Alliance & Press founded by Caridad Svich took action to honor the victims of the shooting and create a space for theatre artists to respond, reflect, and galvanize change.

AFTER ORLANDO began with reaching out to a few trusted colleagues and has grown to an international theatre action in response to the shooting at Pulse Nightclub featuring a collective of 80 playwrights from the United States, Canada, United Kingdom, Wales, Australia and Uganda. The plays have been shared in over 70 events across the Untied States and in the United Kingdom in cities including: Los Angeles, St. Louis, Kansas City, Philadelphia, Chicago, Omaha, San Fransisco, Oakland, Denver, Colorado Springs, Boston, Richmond, Seattle, Albuquerque, Greensboro, Tuscan, Phoenix, Charlotte, Chapel Hill, Miami, two special readings in Orlando and a marathon reading of plays in London, and finally here on our podcast.


Audio Production: Alexander Charles Adams with assistant producer Trey Tycer

Voices by Movement:

  • AFTER by Caridad Svich of NoPassport theatre alliance & press
    • Tessa LaFleur, Tony Medlin, Joe Carleton, Trey Tycer, Carson Richman,  and Aline Stokes.
  • Welcome to the Now Now by Crystal Skillman (available in print through Chicago Dramaworks)
    • Aline Stokes as Olivia 
    • Lucas Thompson as Greer
    • Alexander Charles Adams as Grant
  • these wings were meant to fly by Zac Kline 
    • Featuring the voices of all performers listed above.

Music featured in this episode by local indie band Ship of Fools

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